We create spaces, activations, and platforms for Black womxn creators and the audiences they influence

We are a new kind of agency built to help influencers & influential womxn expand their businesses. We specialize in producing digital, retail, & live experiences using a combination of strategy & creativity. We constantly ask the question, "What's Next?" and challenge ourselves to always think beyond what's in front of us. It's time to try new things, engage in new ways, and unlock the next level of your business.

...We are a full service Strategic Consulting & Experience Agency 

We are here to help you do just that...

It's time to take your business to the next level

We help influential Black womxn, talent agencies, & brands transform their businesses into experience-driven brands

We work with you to help your talent roster build strategic brands and produce virtual gatherings, 360 brand partnerships, pop up shops and more. We specialize in thinking outside of the box & creating something new rooted in strategy & innovation. Give us all of your "crazy ideas." We're ready for them. We are your partners -in-influence. Let’s do this.

We help you look at your business with a fresh perspective. You are a visionary and effortlessly connect, cultivate, and convert your community. What will you do next with that power? We help you expand your influence beyond the expected, typical "influencer."  Yes, we think it's time for a digital or IRL event, show, or 360 campaign and we can produce it for you. 



you are more than a brand deal or #ad

you want to offer more than just brand deals

We produce fresh experiences and events that not only engage your audience, but capture your brand story in innovative & creative ways. Your customer, clients, & influencers want to be surprised & delighted. How will you excite them about your product? Make them want to share your service?  It's time to connect with & build a community that leads to commerce digitally and IRL. Ready?! Your dream team is here and ready to go!


you want to create new experiences

We created a 6 month pop up gathering space that focused on connection + community.

Pop Up at 8th

watch us work

  I'm Adrienne. I launched this agency because I believe the future of the influencer industry is omni-channel experiences. The influencer industry has expanded over the past 10 years, and we are now in a time where influencing is beyond online content. My team and I create spaces that highlight, celebrate, & create community for Black women influencers. We also help influencers & influential womxn not only unlock the hidden revenue potential in their current business, but also reveal innovative ways to add new partnerships, events, and streams of revenue. Oh yeah, we help them execute all of that too.

My mission is to showcase and elevate Black womxn's impact & influence in the influencer marketing industry.


We are an extension of your team solely dedicated to your continuous growth through innovative, strategic personalized experiences.

What we Are:

Retail &
Pop up activations


digital & live events

growth strategy


At home mailer kits

What we do:

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