I’m Adrienne McCrary.

Your personal brand stylist. Working with remarkable women defining their style, embracing their image, and crafting their unique story inspires me. 

My love affair with fashion began as a child and flourished through my college years. As a Fashion Merchandising graduate of Louisiana State University, I have worked on both sides of the industry for the past 10 years. From the runway to everyday women creating killer outfits, the creativity excites me. I am constantly looking at editorials, blogs, and Pinterest (I’m addicted!) soaking up as much inspiration as I possibly can. 


From designing small displays for small boutiques across the country, to working with wholesalers to introduce their products to the market, I can help you no matter what stage you are in your business adventure. My experience has taught me that not only do I love helping women feel uber confident in what they wear; I am also super passionate about helping women develop their businesses.

Which got me thinking:

How could I bring those two worlds together?

How can I empower women in both their closets and businesses?

Eighth and Style is the place where confidence building meets dream chasing. Where you can rock the street, then stock the shop.

From your clothes to your business, I will help you show the world the AMAZING and UBER TALENTED woman you are.

Ok, so now it’s your turn. Email, tweet, or leave me a comment on instagram and let me know what you are ready to take to the next level.


I’m so happy that you are here.